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We Build Custom Software

We start by listening. After we understand your current processes and challenges, we work with you to determine what should be built to produce maximum results for your business.

We Partner With You

At Dyad, we are an Agile development team. This means we don’t disappear for months at a time while you wonder what we are doing. Instead, we collaborate and build software together, your business and ours. You get frequent software releases during the development process so we can get your feedback sooner than later.

We Support You

A finished product isn’t the end of our relationship. We will help you keep things running smoothly, providing support and updates as needed. We also provide complete hosting solutions so you can focus on your business.

Drop us a line

Are you wondering if custom software could help your business succeed? Are you looking for a team to maintain or create your custom software application? Are you interested in creating a web presence? Fill out this form and you will hear back from us within 1 business day.

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About Us


Dyad [dahy-ad]  Two units regarded as a pair.


We’re often asked why our company name is “Dyad” Software.  By definition a dyad is “two units regarded as a pair”, so the name Dyad expresses the idea of relationship.  Although the founders are husband and wife, they did not intend for the name to only represent their relationship.  At Dyad Software we understand the importance of the relationship between our company and yours.


We must work as a team, a pair, a dyad, to build successful software together.  And like marriage, a healthy relationship between our companies will be built upon clear communication, honesty, and trust.